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World Youth Festival in Sochi 2024

The International Youth Festival will be held in the Russian Federation on the federal territory of Sirius in the period from March 1 to March 7, 2024.

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The "Astoria Grande" cruise liner will in Georgia and Israel as part of their cruises.

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Retro train "Sochi" 24.03.2023

From April 29, 2023, Russian Railways will once again launch a tourist train on the Tuapse Sochi Gagra route.

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A new standard of all-inclusive service for Russian hotels 20.03.2023

In Russia, the "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive" standards have been approved.

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Passenger train from Sochi to Crimea 03.06.2022

This year, from June 1, the first flight with the Simferopol - Adler message left.

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2 Gaidara Str., Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Tel: +79183029382 (WhatsApp, Telegram)



HELISKI in Krasnaya Polyana

"SPHERE Travel" has been organizing the finest helisking and ski-touring in Krasnaya Polyana for many years. Our goal is to make an ideal trip for you at your ideal price. We enjoy excellent relations with local service providers and have a complete overview of what is on offer and importantly when/where space is available.

Why us: we can plan all aspects of your trip whether it is an international flight, Russian visa support, accommodation, medical insurance, local transfer or a pre-heliski warm up with a mountain guide. Did we mention our service of visa support is free?

Our aim is to listen to and understand your requirements and make every effort to provide you with what you are looking for.

Heliskiing - is off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Heliskiing is essentially about skiing in a natural albeit highly selected environment without the effort or gear compromise required for hiking into these areas as in ski touring or ski mountaineering.

Skiing areas: the north-eastern slope of the Aibga Turi and mountains, the height of 2200-2500m. Season: from mid-December till mid-April.

Helicopters and expected prices in winter season 2018/2019

HELISKI in Krasnaya Polyana


- Capacity 14 people, minimum group - 10 people.

- Price per person 18000 rubles (4 descents), additional descent 4500 rubles.

HELISKI in Krasnaya Polyana

EUROCOPTER AS350 B3 (Ecureuil)

- Capacity 4 people, minimum group - 1 person.

- Price per person 18000 rubles (4 descents), additional descent 4500 rubles.

In case, a group does reach the maximum capacities, all group members pays extra for those, that miss. The sum is divided equally between group members.

Inabilities to run Heli-ski:

- non-flying weather. In such cases, the program is rescheduled on another day;

- inability to ski due to the increased danger of avalanches;

- technical malfunction of the helicopters;

- official ban of flights.

The participants of this program should meet the following requirements: good level of skiing on virgin snow, average level of physical training, personal equipment of good quality and in working condition (ski / snowboard for a virgin snow, bindings, poles, boots), no medical contraindications.

By decision of Helislki guides, a participant may be disqualified, if his/her level of skiing or physical training does not match the required level to complete the descents or follow the group. In this case, no refund is performed.

Safety training: each guest will be given the required information concerning safety and the practical aspects of heliskiing. This will be followed by hands-on exercises for guests to test the distributed safety equipment, including: ABS back pack use and a beacon. Additionally, you can get a set of skis, a backpack with a shovel and avalanche probe.

Guides: all guides are experienced UIAGM guides and Russian heliski guides, both complementary in their function and highly experienced in heliskiing. Some of guides are also trained as ski patrol professionals, UIAGM guide / rescue instructors, or ski instructors. The guides are linked via radio to each other and to the helicopter.

Complete and email us the following application form and let us take the hassle out of booking your heli-ski trip.


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