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World Youth Festival in Sochi 2024

The International Youth Festival will be held in the Russian Federation on the federal territory of Sirius in the period from March 1 to March 7, 2024.

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The "Astoria Grande" cruise liner will in Georgia and Israel as part of their cruises.

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Retro train "Sochi" 24.03.2023

From April 29, 2023, Russian Railways will once again launch a tourist train on the Tuapse Ч Sochi Ч Gagra route.

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A new standard of all-inclusive service for Russian hotels 20.03.2023

In Russia, the "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive" standards have been approved.

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Passenger train from Sochi to Crimea 03.06.2022

This year, from June 1, the first flight with the Simferopol - Adler message left.

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2 Gaidara Str., Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Tel: +79183029382 (WhatsApp, Telegram)



General questions

1) What is Sochi?

Sochi is the most popular Russian resort on the Black Sea Cost. And It's also the host of Winter Olympic Games 2014. To read more about Sochi Ц click here.

2) Why should I pick your company as a travel agent?

- We are the leading tour operator in Sochi, working since 1993
- English speaking staff
- Prices for accommodation are the same or lower than in hotels
- You order all travel services in one place
- 24 hours help support (Use the following number only in emergency cases + 7-918-302-93-82, for general questions call + 7 (8622) 64-63-05 from 9:30 am till 18:00, from Monday till Friday).

3) I want to go to Russia, but I do not have visa. How do I get it?

Yes, all travelers coming to Russia are required to have a visa. Two options are available: tourist visa and business visa. Tourist visa allows staying on the territory of the Russian Federation no longer than 30 days (single or double entry). While business visa can be granted for unlimited number of entries and issued till 12 months. Complete information about getting a tourist visa is here.

4) I am already in Russia and would like to extend or change status of my visa. Where can I do that?

Unfortunately, it is impossible either to extend or change status (e.g. from tourist to student or business) of your visa once you enter Russia, as visas are only issued by Russian diplomatic missions abroad. Therefore, you will have to go back to your home country and re-apply for a new visa.

5) Is life insurance a must to go to Russia/obtain my visa?

You should not necessarily have a Russian insurance for coming to Russia. At the same time we strongly recommend you to have an insurance policy that covers all emergency cases on the territory of Russia. Our company can also issue such kind of the policy by your request. If you are traveling to Krasnaya Polyana ski-resort in winter period and book a hotel or any other service by our company, we require to have the insurance policy as a must.

6) Why should I register my passport? How fast should I do it?

Any foreigner staying on the territory of our country is expected to register his passport. This is required by law and saves from having problems at the customs when leaving Russia. Registration should be done within 72 hours after crossing the country border. A migration card is needed for registration procedure. The card is obtained on the country border.  Registration can be done in a hotel, in our company or in a travel agency, which issued a letter of invitation and provided visa support.

7) How can I book a hotel and pay for your services?

If you are not sure where to stay and you need an advice, please do not hesitate to writing us. Please inform us about your preferences and wishes, dates of your arrival, city of your destination, amount of people, contact information. Our managers will offer you some options of staying and book a room, other services for you.

You can either pay by a credit credit card or by arranging a bank transfer. Complete information about ways of payment is here.

8) Where can I book a train/plane ticket to the city I am planning to go?

Either train or a plane ticket you can order in our company. You can also search and issue e-tickets by yourself on the main page of our site.

9) What is a sanatorium hotel? And what is the difference between sanatoriums and SPA hotels?

In Russia, the term "sanatorium" is generally used for a hotel, which provides treatment and health improving programs. In sanatoriums a course of treatment is always included in the price of stay, but in SPA hotels you pay additionally for each medical procedure.

NOTE: On our Internet site all sanatoriums are indicated as SPA HOTELS. Although there are some hotels that just simply has a SPA saloon on their territory and provide medical procedures for extra charge Ц those ones indicated as HOTELS.

10) What should I beware when I travel to Russia? According to the statistics, the crime rate is considerably higher in the US than in Russia. The crime rate in Russia has increased after the fall of the Soviet Union, but comparing to America, it is still lower. This leads us to the thought that an individual should be careful in Russia just like elsewhere in the world. There are no special instructions as to how to behave in Russia especially, the basic safety rules are just the same. Thus, use your common sense and you'll be safe and sound.

Also you need to know that a police check is a common thing in Russian street. Usually only the registration is checked. So, try to keep your passport and migration card always with you when you are out. Of cause there is no need to take your passport to the beach or when you are close to your hotel. Again Ц use your common sense and do everything not to loose your passport either a  migration card.

The important numbers to know: Russian police Ц 02, Russian Medical Emergency Ц 03. We hope you will never use them, but  it is better to memorize them just to be on the safe side. Of cause, our numbers + 7(8622) 64-63-05 (office), +7-918-302-93-82 (cell) we recommend you to have always with you too.







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