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World Youth Festival in Sochi 2024

The International Youth Festival will be held in the Russian Federation on the federal territory of Sirius in the period from March 1 to March 7, 2024.

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The "Astoria Grande" cruise liner will in Georgia and Israel as part of their cruises.

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Retro train "Sochi" 24.03.2023

From April 29, 2023, Russian Railways will once again launch a tourist train on the Tuapse — Sochi — Gagra route.

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A new standard of all-inclusive service for Russian hotels 20.03.2023

In Russia, the "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive" standards have been approved.

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Passenger train from Sochi to Crimea 03.06.2022

This year, from June 1, the first flight with the Simferopol - Adler message left.

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2 Gaidara Str., Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Tel: +79183029382 (WhatsApp, Telegram)




Sochi-Park - a kind of Russian Disneyland - the theme park of amusement in Imeretin Valley, just several steps from Olympic Park. Here you can get into fairy-tale world, full of magic impressions and experience.
Sochi-Park World consists of 5 theme zones, 12 amusement rides, 9 cafes and restaurants, 10 crafts pavilions. The ticket to the entire park will give you a chance to make an interactive insight into Russian folklore and fairy-tales.

It all begins with Gate of Fire.This is the first theme zone. The Gate of Fire is full of Russian trade fair spirit: gaily decorated and festive! There are two pavilions where you can find everything for your convenience – from lockers and Lost and Found Department to store with goods for the first priority: batteries, panama hats, sun glasses. The pictorial lake with fountains which gives the coolness to all visitors during hot summer day is spread out at the center and is surrounded by expressive and welcoming Russian pavilions. Those who would like to try dishes of original and Old Russian cuisine will have an opportunity to choose the variety of different concept. You can find there Russian fast food with pancakes and patty cakes, loved from the childhood and restaurant hare’s kidney, jack-fish head with a garlic from Russian tales. So, the first zone includes: restaurant, gift and souvenir shop, bakery-cafe with stove and fresh pastry, candy shop, fairy-tale cafe "Magic garden", carrousel witn I. Bilibin illustrations.

The magic continues in Bogatyr Land, which consists of Bogatyr village, crafts workshop, strength games pavilion, souvenir shop, games pavilion, cafe. Since olden times Bogatyr’s fortress protected and guarded Russian land from enemy’s invasion, reflected wisdom and great power of Russian nation. The bogatyrs were adored, praised and honored in all Russia. The real Bogatyr’s land is located in our park and became an implementation of Russian epic and tales about brave motherland protectors. While set feet on Bogatyr’s land you enter an atmosphere of ancient Russian city: a lot of fortress, workshops of glorious Russian craftsmen, fairy pavilions. You can be a real bogatyr and experience your bogatyr power in pavilions with games for strength and artifice, try oneself as a craftsman in real blacksmith’s shop with hammer, anvil and Athlantean blacksmiths who will demonstrate the process of making iron horseshoe and teach a master class “how to “hack a hopper”. Everybody can produce a souvenir by heart.

To have a rest and try a real bogatyr meal you can in open handed restaurants: dish from fresh meat, fish, natural products, Russian beverage, various pastry – everything that is desired by Russian spirit. You can also admire a wonderful horse show in this land. It is also very interesting to visit the Mirrow Palace in the Land of Bogatyr - a show-restaurant. It was brought in Sochi-Park from Belgium, its capacity is 350 pax. Here you will be in the heart of the party!

The four-star hotel Bogatyr is also located in Sochi-Park. It is a fine place to combine rest and adventures! You will plunge there into the atmosphere of a medieval, feel yourself as a brave knight or beautiful princess.

Those, who prefer not fairy tale, but SCI-FI, can visit the Land of Science Fiction, including extreme ride "Quantum leap", family roller-coaster "Sharolet", chamber of horrors "Professor Douel's Head", arcade games pavilion, children playgrounds, "Roller-coaster" restaurant, stores. The Land of Science and Fiction will impressed you with its architecture, built on border of Stym-Pank and Le Future styles. 

You should definetly visit the Enchanted Forest and try its shot and drop tower "Fire Bird", roller-coaster "Zmey Gorynych", flying carrousel, "tea cups ride", wooden roller-coaster, magic store, rides for children, labyrinth in the style of Pushkin's fairy-tales, Father Frost house, water splash ride and dinner show. This forest is full of phenomenal miracles! High green fir trees strain after the sky, curly oaks keep tight with the ground by its roots and exotic palms branch its splendid hair. Would you like to make the most uncommon walk in your life? Walk through green labyrinth! Here you will meet the real Princess, play with Barmaley, talk with Koshey Bessmertniy and even enter the “Izbushka na kur’ih nozhkah” – in this Park corner the fairy tale became a reality! The culmination of magic is in bright performance, which takes place in big colorific pavilion! The most phenomenal performances with acrobats, illusionists, tamers, balance-masters, big-name dance and music groups strikes adults and children’s fancy.

The last theme zone is ECO-Village. Realizing that externally comfortable and convenient life in big towns can have special consequences we decided to create magic but natural corner for our visitors where everybody will feel the harmony with environment, enjoy the close contact with nature, take a fresh chestful breath… The Eco Village is presented by unusual symbiosis by old Russian traditions, crafts, trades and modern eco technologies. Eco Village Restaurants and Cafes will suggest you the wide variety of Russian cuisine dishes: salad from vegetables which were just took off from the garden bed, natural domestic smoked meats, milk products- you can find here everything own, very fresh and natural! To make your visit unforgettable we suggest to take the small part of nature with yourself and visit the Eco store. Special for you we carefully produced plenty of the best goods from natural materials.

The center character-mascot of the Theme park is a bear called Sochnik. He will be happy to show you Sochi-Park and all its advantages.






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